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Do your headlights have a foggy-hazy look to them? Maybe you’ve noticed your visibility at night or during the rainy times is much lower (thank you Tyler weather). No worries, you don’t have to replace them, nor do you have to open up your lens (as many people think the haziness is from the inside of the lens. Most of the time it’s not).


Norberto did an amazing job with my headlight restoration, he was on time and very professional. Thanks to him I can now see better at night!

- Gina A.

Our Headlight Restoration Process


Sand headlights with 800-3000 grit sandpaper to remove oxidation and scratches


Compound and polish headlights to restore the clarity 


Add a 12 month protectant to ensure your headlight stay clear for as long as possible

By sanding your headlights, we’re removing the old layer of clear coat that has failed and oxidized (which leads to the yellow-foggy look). Then we’ll compound and polish to bring them back to a like-new condition. Finally, for protection, we’ll apply a 1-year sealant.


Notice: We no longer offer headlight restorations as a stand-alone service. It’ll need to be combined with at least one other service.

Simple Pricing

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