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See Small Specs On Your Paint? Rough Texture? It’s Paint Overspray.

When you see small colored specs on your paint or feel a rough texture on the panel when you slide your hand over it, it’s due to tiny paint particles that have landed on your vehicle.


Usually this happens when you’re near a construction site or someone is painting outside and the wind carries over a very thin layer of paint particles over to your vehicle.


It’s most likely all over your vehicle; glass, paint, trim, wheels, etc… it’s not fun to see, let alone to remove it from all those surfaces. And you have to remove the overspray if you want to get a Ceramic Coating applied.

That being said, small specs on your paint and the rough texture feeling could be something else like other types of above surface containmiments.

Don't Do More Harm Than Good To Your Paint

Scratching and rubbing your paint vigorously with a towel, plastic razor, or brush will do nothing other than install a bunch of swirls and scratches into your paint.


We see this time and time again. It just adds more work to your vehicle because now there’s two parts that we have to address:


The first part is removing the overspray. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s very difficult. It depends on the type of paint and the surface that it’s on (i.e trim vs wheels vs paint vs glass).


Many times, even with safe removal methods, it will cause minor marring to the paint. Because of this, a light polish will be needed to remove the marring.


However, if you aggressively scratch your paint, we’ll then have to use a more intense method of paint correction to remove those heavy swirls and scratches you caused.

Our Overspray Removal Process


Clean inner wheels, tires and fenders thoroughly. And wash vehicle.


Wipe down the affected areas to remove any chemical residu


Apply a wax sealant and dress tires


Start the removal process using multiple tools including a clay bar with adhesive remover.


Light polish to remove any light marring, swirls, and scratches 

Now, this service in itself is good enough to get your paint back to where it was (and sometimes, even better). That being said, if you’d like to increase the overall appearance of the vehicle a Paint Correction will achieve that for you.

Overspray Pricing
General Pricing

Price will vary based on size and condition 


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Overspray Removal FAQ

Do you come to me?

For this level of service, we are able to perform mobile but would require that we have a covered area to do this in, preferably a garage. If that's not possible we also have a shop location !


I tried claying the paint and it’s still there. Now what?

A clay bar treatment is a great option to cleanse the paint from above surface contaminants. It’s what we do on every Clay and Wax service. However, when it comes to overspray, it’ll need to be “pulled” off differently. You can spend more time claying but you won’t get favorable results. It’s a very tedious and time consuming process.


Can you remove the overspray from plastic, wheels, and glass?

Generally speaking, yes. We can remove it from glass, wheels, fenders, trim, etc… However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to remove 100% of all the overspray. As always, we’ll follow the our detailing methodology. But some areas and surfaces will be more problematic than others. Especially depending on the type of paint that landed on your vehicle.


Can a rubbing compound remove the overspray?

It might be able to remove a tiny fraction of the overspray that has landed on your vehicle, but for the most part, it won’t do much. You can try your best to work the product into the area with a towel but you’re not going to see a significant difference.

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