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What Is Plastic Trim Restoration ?

Ever noticed that the plastic trim on the exterior of your vehicle has started to fade? That is normally caused by the harsh UV Rays that overtime burn the plastic causing it to fade and oxidize. 

While there are many products that claim to "restore" the plastic trim on your vehicle, most of them only temporarily add shine to them or don't work at all. We make sure to only use the highest quality products to prevent any issues like this. 


With our trim restoration services, not only will our product dissolve the oxidation but will leave your trim looking better than when you bought it. And we assure you it won't leave your trim greasy or easy to attract dirt, once it's dried on the surface for the proper time and you don't use any harsh chemicals to wash your car; you can expect 1-2 years of shiny black trim.

With our Trim Restoration Service we'll cover the whole vehicle's exterior, and if you only need certain areas just let us know !


Simple Pricing

General pricing shown below. Actual price is based on amount of trim, and the condition of trim


Our trim restoration service must be paired with another service

We’re not here to judge. Whether it’s been one year or ten years since you’ve last had your vehicle cleaned, we’re happy to take care of it for you. 


Some of our other popular services include:

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