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Get Your Boat Looking Lake-Worthy Again !

There's nothing better than enjoying a hot summer day out on the lake or beach, and even better than that.. being the cleanest boat on the water !


With our boat detailing services we can Wash, Wax, Polish, Ceramic Coat, Clean the interior, & so much more !! We have years of boat detailing experience to know what products to use to get the job done right the first time, don't miss your chance to get your boat professionally detailed.


We’re fully equipped with all the machines, tools, and products to get the job done. All we need is access to the Boat and enough space to work and we’re ready to work. Simple and hassle-free ! We might need access to water in rare cases.


We service Tyler TX and surrounding areas. There might be a few limitations or criteria to meet based on where you live. Regardless, we’ll do our best to schedule you in. Here are a variety of the areas we service:

Some Of Our Work

Boat Detailing Process


Inspect Boat, Remove Additional Parts, & Cover Sensitive Areas.


Clean Interior Surfaces with Steam & Multiple brushes and scrubs. (Shampooing carpets will be additional)


Prep paint & polish to remove oxidation & scratches (Optional)


Do final touch ups and clean fiberglass !


Wash & Decontaminate Deck, & Paint. And the trailer and wheels if boat is on a trailer.


Apply conditioner to seats, and all surfaces in boat to protect from UV rays


Apply Paint Protection In Form Of A Wax, Sealant Or Ceramic Coating.

Our Process is pretty simple and straightforward, there are different options when it comes to the paint polishing and paint protection as well as other add-ons you can apply to the detail. But don't worry ! We'll guide your through every step and communicate and explain all your options so you can know what to expect, don't wait any longer. 

Simple Pricing

Starts at $25 per FT

*Note pricing listed is general pricing, actual pricing is based on size, condition, & level of services needed. We always try to accommodate your budget!*

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